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Feb 2016
Feb 26 2016 03:00 UTC
Hi, I would like to know if there are ways to use an image (png,jpg) as a marker type in the ScatterSeries?
Oystein Bjorke
Feb 26 2016 05:53 UTC
@VisualMelon we could add a "fallback-mode" where rendering of a heatmap is done by m x n rectangles, not by a bitmap...
@eastsender I think you need to derive a new class to achieve this
@thardes2 see the wpf examples, I don't the other platforms have examples of custom trackers
Feb 26 2016 20:33 UTC
@objorke that would be rather nice! It wasn't much effort to write my own rectangle annotation heat map code, but it did involve manually sorting out the axes and such
I would be happy to help put that together/test it, it would be a useful feature
(thanks for the fantastic library by the way, it didn't quite fit my needs, but it was very easy to bend it to my will!)