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Mar 2016
James Pierce
Mar 13 2016 02:46
Hi I'm using Xamarin.Forms on an iOS device. this is the problem I have. I place the oxyplot in a grid cell that takes the full screen of an iPhone 6 plus. the resolution of the 6 plus is HD (1080x1920). However, when I draw a plot of a simple line then call PlotArea it tells me the 320x480 (something like that). How can I plot to the full HD resolution of the device screen? Thanks
James Pierce
Mar 13 2016 02:54
Basically I want to plot pixel per pixel using the full resolution of the device. Is this possible?
Andrew Strickland
Mar 13 2016 04:35
@MobileGenic OxyPlot will automatically use the full resolution of the screen. Something to keep in mind is the timing between when are you calling InvalidatePlot vs when are you sizing the actual PlotView. If you load data and call InvalidatePlot before the PlotView is fullscreen, it will graph a smaller area and then stretch the graph. So just make sure you call InvalidatePlot last.
@MobileGenic The DPI is set by the device. The 96 DPI is the conversion rate from OxyPlot screenpoints to the Standard Android DPI. However, the end result of the graph will be drawn using the proper DPI if you DPI to set the PlotView size.
James Pierce
Mar 13 2016 17:05
Hi @Gaisuru can you repeat the last sentence about DPI. I dont understand. Sorry and Thanks.