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Apr 2016
Apr 04 2016 11:26
Hi, we currently use version 2014.1.308 in our application, and would like to update - as far as I can tell the latest stable version is 2014.1.546, but the latest nuget package, 1.0.0-unstable2093, is marked unstable. Is it expected that there would be breaking changes, if upgrading to the latest unstable nuget package? Would it be recommended to stick to 2014.1.546 instead?
In fact, if we were to go with 2014.1.546, how do we get it? Doesn't seem available on nuget.
Øystein Bjørke
Apr 04 2016 19:48
@rashid5 the latest pre-release package is the most stable one. All v2014.x packages have been unlisted, we changed to semantic versioning last year. Help wanted to close the final issues for the stable release v1.0! :-)