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May 2016
Jeremy Koritzinsky
May 11 2016 04:41
@objorke I’m planning on adding a Perspex back-end to OxyPlot after we do our next release. Would you prefer I send in a PR with it or make a seperate repo?
May 11 2016 21:15
In case it helps anyone else - the problems I was having with building were because I was using Visual Studio 2012; I upgraded to VS 2015 and everything built fine :)
Øystein Bjørke
May 11 2016 22:38
@jkoritzinsky if it is easy to build (just resolve a dependency to the Avalonia NuGet package?) then I think we could consider including it in the main repo (OxyPlot.Avalonia).
Jeremy Koritzinsky
May 11 2016 22:40