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Jun 2016
Adrián López
Jun 21 2016 12:10
Hi! Does anyone know why when I set the height and width the same value the PDF report doesn't work? It generates a 0kb PDF, but when I set the values to be different, it works ok. Any ideas?
Adrián López
Jun 21 2016 14:51
For example, if I do this:
section.AddPlot(model.PlotModel, modelDefinition, 800, 500);
it works fine
but if I want it to be a square with this code:
section.AddPlot(model.PlotModel, modelDefinition, 500, 500);
it doesn't work, seems like there is an infinite loop or something similar. In the diagnostic tools you can see that the GC is working a lot
when I try to close the reportwriter with a direct call to the Close() method, it never returns