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Jul 2016
Johan Larsson
Jul 03 2016 13:49
Check this out.
Gor Rustamyan
Jul 03 2016 20:03
@sepulvedablanco if it is not too late, you can try to use SharpDX to create PNG exporter for UWP. You need to create SharpDX WicRenderTarget and pass it to CacherRenderContext (i'm not sure, if it is public) by calling ResetRenderTarget method. Then you need to call PlotModel's Render method and pass CacherRenderContext to it. Then you need to call Render method on CacherRenderContext. This will draw plot on SharpDX surface. Now you can Save WicRenderTarget to whatever format you wan't. this might be helpful for SharpDX WicRenderTarget creating and usage