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Oct 2016
Simon Abler
Oct 12 2016 15:15
Hey Guys , I'm looking for a better solution to update my live graphs. At the moment I'm collection the data in the Plotmodel series directly. The plot is updating every 150ms through InvalidatePlot(true). Sometimes the program get stuck from the oxyplot rendering. Is there a better option to implement a live graph. My setting: I've 4 graphs and every 10 ms new values. Thanks
Geert van Horrik
Oct 12 2016 19:58
@TwinNet you might want to look at the animation examples, they could be of any help (but maybe you are already doing something similar)
I am testing the panning feature on UWP (mobile) now. Looks like panning (horizontal only) is not really smooth and does not invoke the Manipulation events. Any idea what could be wrong? On a desktop with touch, the panning is fairly smooth, but still doesn't invoke Manipulation events. I want to implement "endless scrolling" and fetch data whenever the user pans.