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Oct 2016
Geert van Horrik
Oct 27 2016 08:53
@objorke will try to, but we need to figure out a way to proceed from here on. I think we can do v2 development on a separate branch release/2.0.0 while develop points to vNext. Breaking changes go into v2 branch, other stuff into develop. We will actively be merging develop to v2 as well. Then once we believe v2 is around the corner, we will merge that into develop. What do you think?
Øystein Bjørke
Oct 27 2016 21:46
@GeertvanHorrik if most PRs contain non-breaking changes, this sounds OK. But this means we must be careful not merging PRs with breaking changes into develop... Wouldn't it be easier to accept all improvements on develeop, and cherry pick only the non-breaking commits onto release/1.1?