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Jan 2017
Achmad Jeihan Pahlevi
Jan 03 2017 04:01 UTC
Hi all,
anyone here know how to set scale for LinearAxis? I'm ploting an image using image annotation and I want to scale the Left axis so the image stretch.
is it possible to do that?
example from an app
Herman Eldering
Jan 03 2017 18:21 UTC
@prasadkadam @AkashSaxenaPM Are you calling InvalidatePlot?
Herman Eldering
Jan 03 2017 18:35 UTC
Must InvalidatePlot be called from the UI thread? I'm experiencing a memory leak through OxyPlot with multithreaded code.
Herman Eldering
Jan 03 2017 18:55 UTC
By hacking a PlotView.InvalidatePlot into a DispatcherTimer I've confirmed the memory leak to be caused by the PlotModel.InvalidatePlot. My data related code is not aware of the UI (and its threads) so I need to do some redesign. If PlotModel.InvalidatePlot should be callable from non-UI threads let me know and I'll try to make an example and file a bug.