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Jan 2017
Jan 12 2017 09:52
hi someone is online?
do you know if there is any precission problem with the linear axis using doubles
in a number very huge
millions to be precise
Herman Eldering
Jan 12 2017 09:55
I do not know if there are precision issues with OxyPlot, but millions is not 'very huge' for even a float/single
Jan 12 2017 09:59
the problem is that we are using millions but also with a lot of precission in the decimal part, all the possible ones using the double
and we are using opengl to draw a graphic
but when the values are very high
both of them starts to desync
and another question, it is possible to show a plot with only one axis or to show the axis alone?
Herman Eldering
Jan 12 2017 10:40
Regarding the precision that sounds like a very specific requirement, I'd say just try it with one of the examples. It might also depend on the platform you're using it on (ie Win Forms/WPF/etc).
Jan 12 2017 11:00
confirmed its not oxyplot but opengl rounding double values to float(gpu bitch)
and the plot with only one axis?
i have an isolated color palette control but i want to use the oxyplot axes to show its numeric values
can it be done?