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    Barry Fitzgerald
    Hi all
    This is the place for quick questions....
    @pablojim - having trouble with ChartConfig.getHighcharts() method - I get "TypeError: undefined is not a function"
    @pablojim I upgraded to latest rev before calling this function
    Lauren Mendoza
    hi @pablojim How do I remove earliest points from the chart? I'm trying to do something similar to this:
    ignazio de iudicibus
    hi all
    i'd like to inject CSV string (not loading a file)
    ignazio de iudicibus
    mi question is where to put the reference? Which block of chartConfig object?
    Hi all! I am able to create drilldowns in highcharts-ng and change chart type, but am unable to preserve the drilldown level. How do I proceed? Tks in advance! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39371793/highchart-ng-change-the-chart-type-in-drilldown
    Highcharts Ng height is not affected by css how do I resolve this problem? Please help
    Joseph Dias
    Anyone here ? I just blocked by using highcharts-ng, I can't display the dataLabels for my pie chart
    Anyone help me on how to validate the highcharts in UI?
    Daniel Groh

    when using httpClient.post I get the following error:

    SyntaxError: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse

    It's probably returning my expected image from the server, but as error, probably because of the parse. what is the proper way to return an image when posting something to the server?

    That is my test code:

                    headers: new HttpHeaders().set('Content-Type', 'application/json')
    anyone know how to use histograms charts in angular 2
    Pascal Brewing
    annyone here ?
    Hi, I have N number of months and data for each month. In x- axis, I need to plot n number of months. Different months can have different amount of data. For example, I have 6 months, and highchart is generating the x-axis with seven or eight sections, and putting duplicates (sep, oct, oct, nov, nov, dec, jan) on x-axis. I want it to enforce to make specific number of sections. I tried tickInterval, ticPixelInterval, didn't work.

    Hi guys, i am using highcharts in angular 5, where all the charts are working fine, except bullet chart. Bullet chart also works, but gives errors in terminal shown below.
    Does anybody know what this issue could be?

    ERROR in src/app/settings-tab/settings-tab-expanded/products/dpad/cost-bullet1/cost-bullet1.component.ts(68,23): error TS2345: Argument of type '{ chart: { inverted: true; type: string; }; title: { text: null; }; legend: { enabled: false; }; ...' is not assignable to parameter of type 'Options'.
    Types of property 'plotOptions' are incompatible.
    Type '{ series: { pointPadding: number; pointWidth: number; borderWidth: number; color: string; targetO...' is not assignable to type 'PlotOptions'.
    Types of property 'series' are incompatible.
    Type '{ pointPadding: number; pointWidth: number; borderWidth: number; color: string; targetOptions: { ...' is not assignable to type 'SeriesChart'.
    Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'pointPadding' does not exist in type 'SeriesChart'.

    Hello, I am looking for step by step solution for sharing highchart through email. Could you please help?
    hi can anyone tell ..i am able to download means exporting(pdf,doc etc) highchart from browsers but same thing is not working with mobile (ionic ) plz any one give solution ?????
    error with highchart can any one check exporting.js:12 Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type image/png: "https://export.highcharts.com/".using highchart with angular version 1, phonegap .working fine with browsers but not with mobile