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Oct 2015
Matthias Günther
Oct 29 2015 02:57
repo-commit [padrino-framework] namusyaka created fix-nested-query (+1 new commit):
repo-commit padrino-framework/fix-nested-query 7f96814 namusyaka: Support nested query for expanding path, fixes #1982
Matthias Günther
Oct 29 2015 17:08
repo-commit padrino-framework/as-cleanup 8117ff5 Igor Bochkariov: remove alias_method_chain
repo-commit padrino-framework/as-cleanup 1729c5a Igor Bochkariov: replace Array#extract_options! with ruby
repo-commit [padrino-framework] ujifgc pushed 2 new commits to as-cleanup:
Matthias Günther
Oct 29 2015 19:08
repo-commit padrino-framework/master c42ffc4 Igor Bochkariov: implement Padrino::Utils.build_uri_query to replace AS Hash#to_query
repo-commit [padrino-framework] ujifgc pushed 1 new commit to master:
Matthias Günther
Oct 29 2015 19:20
repo-commit padrino-framework/as-cleanup ba44240 Igor Bochkariov: do not use as/time for tests
repo-commit [padrino-framework] ujifgc force-pushed as-cleanup from 1729c5a to 93b2a14:
repo-commit padrino-framework/as-cleanup b81c819 Igor Bochkariov: cleanup some old AS dependencies
repo-commit padrino-framework/as-cleanup f4bcfbc Igor Bochkariov: remove #blank? from core and helpers
Jeffery Utter
Oct 29 2015 19:44
Is there a recommended place in padrino to drop PORO's that contain business logic? somehwere that will get auto-(re)loaded?
Matthias Günther
Oct 29 2015 20:27
SirFunk avdi: whoa! Avdi is in here :) HI