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Is it possible to create multi level charts.
For example Continent wise, Country wise, State wise sales.

Hence on the X axis there is a grouping happening at continent wise, then within that countrywise and then within that we should see state wise actual bars with values??

Something like below

A sample code will be very very helpful
Thanks a lot
Samuel Mburu
Hi there, it's been a while since I've been back, but I have a question regarding the clusteredBar plot -- is there any way to find out the gap size between the bars in a cluster?
the api docs aren't very clear as to how to find that out
Samuel Mburu
i was thinking that i could use the attribute projector to get the barWidth multiplied by the scale.innerPadding, but that did not work

well i took the longer route and used the attribute projector for barWidth, and then x1 position of my first datapoint from the first dataset, then the x position of the first datapoint from my second dataset of then the math is like this

bar2Xpos - (bar1Xpos + barWidth). <- that gives the spacing between bars -- hope that helps someone else

Samuel Mburu
i wish there was a function that returned that, but oh well
anyone had success getting plottable to draw a chat inside a render() after componentDidMount()

I have something like:

<div className="chartItem" width="150" height="100">Chart Test</div>

then inside componentDidMount in react I do the normal plottable stuff then

but it does not draw properly

Plottable is built on top of D3 React. Does doing something in D3 directly, without Plottable work as expected?
this is what I've been using. I'm not a pro in this field, but it's been working fine thus far.
<div class="panel">
     <div id="content" style="width: 1400px; height: 3800px;"></div> 
var table = new Plottable.Components.Table(tableArray)

$('#content').ready(function() {

    ccc1 = document.getElementsByClassName(xtimeclass);
    ccc2 = document.getElementsByClassName(compgroup);
    (function() {

            url: "/",
            type: "POST",
            contentType: "application/json",
            processData: false,
            data: JSON.stringify(
                    chartQuery: myQuery,
    }, 4500);

and the table array is defined as follows (it's actually a whole list of charts)
var tableArray = [];
for (let i = 0, len = plotGroups.length; i < len; i++){
    var xAxis = new Plottable.Axes.Time(xScale, "bottom");
    var yAxis = new Plottable.Axes.Numeric(yScales[i], "left")

    var ar = [];
    ar.push(new Plottable.Components.Table([
    [yAxis, plotGroups[i]],
    [null,        xAxis]])

@samuelmburu You can modify the stylesheet atributes or whatever directly. Probably not the proper way but... (you can find the elements using your browser's web developer inspector) For example:
var xtimeclass = "component axis x-axis time-axis";
var compgroup = "component component-group";
var tickcontainer = "content component-overflow-visible";
var ccc1 = null;
var ccc2 = null;
$('#content').ready(function() {

    ccc1 = document.getElementsByClassName(xtimeclass);
    ccc2 = document.getElementsByClassName(compgroup);
                        for (let c = 0; c < ccc1.length; c++) {
                            ccc1[c].style["left"] = "80px";
                        for (let c = 0; c < ccc2.length; c++) {
                            ccc2[c].style["left"] = "80px";
@ghost~5b46fd5bd73408ce4fa08cae what do you mean by localizing? Converting to your timezone? My guess is this is beyond the chart and you have to write that yourself. If you're talking about the formats, d3 has a bunch of parsers, e.g.
var strictIsoParse = d3.utcParse("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%LZ");
var myParse = d3.timeParse("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%LZ");
var myFormat = d3.timeFormat("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%L");
is there some examples of using plottable with react?
I am looking to see if it can render with jsx
Is plottabe working with D3 v5.14.2?
Adrien Renaud
Dear Plottable community,
I'm experimenting with Plottable in React and I'm looking for help on adding a tooltip on my charts.
I made a sample project with create-react-app: https://github.com/adrienrenaud/react-plottable.
So far, I'm able to render plots with data update and interactions but I'm struggling to get a tooltip working. Any help would be most welcomed!
Thanks a lot
@marklester you could have a look at my React example if you like: https://github.com/adrienrenaud/react-plottable
I like it
Hi, I'm trying to follow the documentation on to contribute to the repo for unit tests. I keep getting errors after building and starting using yarn. Does anyone have any tips?
The error is this: Error: Cannot find module 'webpack-cli/bin/config-yargs'
Can anyone comment on whether or not Plottable is still compatible with D3 v6? I'm getting isues with D3's 'map' function when using Plottable 3.9
William Pearson
Is anyone familiar with how to add a button for resetting zoom and pan
Hi, I'm trying to create a graph with multiple lines and yAxis for each line, so when you hover over one of the lines it shows the relevant yAxis. I'd like to set the xAxis range wider, so that the lines won't be too bunched up. Does anyone have an example?

Can anyone comment on whether or not Plottable is still compatible with D3 v6? I'm getting isues with D3's 'map' function when using Plottable 3.9

Does anyone maintaining Plottable still read this Gitter? I'd like to find out if Plottable is still compatible with D3.