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Repo info
    Ben Orozco
    New website: http://panax.io
    Ben Orozco
    Hi @abodacs ! Regarding your question, form configuration is generated in the backend on the fly, using heuristics plus Panax configuration to customize the form view
    Take a look at the dataflow graph, XSLT transformation occurs in the backend, which in the case of angular the output is JSON, more specifically a kind of angular-formly fields object plus other artifacts
    Abdullah Mohammed
    @benoror thanks for your replay. but how can you generate something like expressions , dealing with watchers , and huge number of of form dependances like ui-select etc.
    Ben Orozco
    Hi @abodacs ! Everything is wrapped up in a front end UI package, crafted to work along with our backend solution
    therefor UI elements like controls (inputs, selects, etc), views (forms, grids, etc), menus, shells, etc are all configurable
    Ben Orozco
    Most customization can be accomplished through Panax configurations, but you can always customize at sourcecode level
    All this will be much clear when we release our Screencast & Demo soon :smile:
    Ben Orozco
    @benoror this is ramesh
    This exactly what we are looking for. is this built on top of angular-formly?
    Is there any working complex example?
    Ben Orozco
    hey @rameshpalipi
    it uses angular-formly indeed, for form rendering
    but we also use other 3rd party and custom made directives
    like uiGrid, kendoGrid, etc
    we are still working in the prototype, it's almost ready for Demo purposes
    Ben Orozco
    @rameshpalipi let me quote your pm
    @rameshpalipi http://panax.io/ is it new framework on top of angular-formly? are there any constraints on database of choice?
    It's a new framework, this uses angular & angular-formly to generate the application automatically
    Regarding the database @uriel-online is the on working on that part, he might be better suited to answer your questions, but I can tell you we support at the moment MSSQL, although Uriel is working on a refactoring to make it DBMS-agnostic