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Repo info
    Can anyone tell me what is going wrong?
    Also, what is the exact structure of the .bin file for the data? I have .mat files for all the 256 channels for all the trials. But I am not able to load it as a bin file for yass to use
    @edublancas @ShenghaoWu
    Eduardo Blancas
    Hi, unfortunately. We only support .bin files at the moment. Can you open an issue in the repo so we can keep track of this? Please include the size of the file
    Ya, sure, supporting only ,
    • supporting only .bin files is not a problem with me. I just want to know how is the data exactly in the .bin file
    In the screenshot shown above, there is a 190 MB file, having just a single dimensional array, with n_channels = 1. I did this because I didn't know how to arrange readings from all electrodes. Unfortunately, I can't get yass to work even in this simple case
    Typing from the phone, excuse the typos
    Eduardo Blancas
    see the recordings section in the example config file for details about the bin format: https://yass.readthedocs.io/en/latest/config.html you also need to provide the electrodes geometry
    Hi! Just raised an issue in the repo about some odd behavior with data that uses more than 10 channels. Please take a look when you get a chance - thanks so much!