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Joseph Mills
just run make docs or make html_docs or make qch_docs ect
in your sand box build area there will be a docs/html and a docs/qml-materail.qch doc for qt creator
have not finished the snippets for say ink and card and testfield ect
speaking of TextField there was also issues with that and some other things (about 4 months ago I pulled from master/develop) . This was only true on android but check this bug out
down load the app for android
open after install and the textarea does not show up right
but after that open again and it is there
loading things as objects
does not happen
Joseph Mills
or the desktop stuff does not happen
I think that it is because the object is getting treated like a virutal class and sometimes if helpertext and placeholder text (only android ) are not defined and some other controllers
it does that and does not wait for the controller to scope to its targets
Issam Wakidi
@JosephMillsAtWork hi Joseph, we had some of the issues you mentionned, espcialy related to scalability and units.dp always returning 0 as the m_multiplier doesn't return a good value on some plateforms, as well as using pointsize instead of pixel size for text fonts. I think we corrected those issues for android in those pull request, same kind of correction may be applied for iOs and windows by retreiving native dp values : #461 and #460 and #400 . I'll be interested to look at things you have done to make that work for android and iOS and discuss other things you may have improved or to be improved.. as the new usage of the QtQuick.controls 2.0, @iBeliever started to work on it on this repo https://github.com/iBeliever/quickpaper, but personaly don't have any info about the state of the project, @iBeliever any news about that ? any help needed ?. I'll be available from next monday.
Steve Echo
how can I change the font of my application ? I've tried QFontDatabase and app.setFont , but it doesn't work . And then I tried to change the Label.qml and FontLoader in Theme.qml from source . Nothing changed either . I want to load a font from otf file and set it globally.
Sorry for my bad English
Hi everyone, I'm new here, I recently started working on a Qt5.7 project using qml-material. I tried it on a demo app I setup myself to get the hang of it, and there it all worked fine, until at a certain point everything broke.
I am here, after a full OS reinstall, all data wiped clean, because I still face those errors, I have no idea how to fix them.
This is my current project so far, with error log attached at the bottom of the gist, I didn't touch anything besides adding initialPage to the main.qml, and following the readme instructions on the qml-material repository
jow blew
I noticed the git repo is dead
there is a good QML 7 QT library now for go. works well so far
I am wondering what the team thinks.
Pier Luigi Fiorini
qml-material continues here: https://github.com/lirios/fluid
Giovanni Fontana
Hi! I am new to QML and I have a question: I want to use QtQuick.Controls.Material and I followed the example write in https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquickcontrols2-material.html but the theme used is the default theme even if I specified the dark one:

ApplicationWindow {
visible: true

    Material.theme: Material.Dark
    Material.accent: Material.Purple


Jake Stoeffler
@plfiorini Do you have a gitter for lirios or fluid? I would like to get involved but not sure how to communicate with the team and figure out where help is needed.
@jff_:matrix.org hello anyone there
@jff_:matrix.org noice it works
@jff_:matrix.org I'm wondering how you get a scroll bar of a ColumnFlow ?
@jff_:matrix.org on a*
@jff_:matrix.org ended up switching to native qt stuff
@jff_:matrix.org might use fluid for control components
@jff_:matrix.org nvm im dumb
Albert- Jan Plate
Meghna Tolani
hi, I need help in qml
events.key is giving me a number as output i want to capture the tab key
how to capture tab key in TextInput
Is there a professional QML, CPP programmer?
To work with the team to build a software.
I probably won't get an answer, but for some reason I can't click the buttons on the Dialog prompt. Does anyone have insigt into this?
After some digging into it, I found out that the Dialog prompt doesn't work when it's over a listview
Still have no idea what the fix is, so if anyone has insight into this, please let me know
After lots of debugging, I realize that I need initalPage for this to work, due to the overlay layers
I'm slightly upset that this isn't documented very well
Anyone notice how text input causes android phones to be all capital leters?
I found this, but it doesn't seem to be a common problem (I'm wondering if this is cause my phones still on kitkat): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25544185/qml-textfield-text-erronously-capitalized-on-device?rq=1
Hey guys anybody around ? Had question about qt quick control 2