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Gökhan Simsek
Hi Riderman, you can see the simple examples in this page: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/store-javascript-function-on-server/
You can also create a function on Robomongo UI (which does the same "db.system.js.save(... )" in that link) then use the new function with "db.loadServerScripts(); myFunction(...);"
Riderman de Sousa Barbosa
Thans @simsekgokhan
Alex Johnson
What’s the best way to connect to a DB other than the auth database with the robomongo GUI?
Gökhan Simsek
Hi Alex, not sure if I understand correctly, do you want to connect to a DB without performing authentication?
i want to connect mongoDB with authentication
Gökhan Simsek
Hi @smartsingam, which version of Robomongo are you using and to which DB you try to connect?
i will connect the db if u have any phpfunction to using mongodb
Gökhan Simsek
We are using C++ drivers for Robomongo. I believe the information you need should be in these links https://docs.mongodb.com/ecosystem/drivers/php/ and https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-php-driver.
Joan Peralta
Hi everybody!
Gökhan Simsek
Hi Joan
Hi there?
can anyone tell me how can i install robo3t on debian? Source was downloaded already!
@simsekgokhan how to connect robomongo in live server
@simsekgokhan i am using php with mongo db ...how to set user in database
i can using local to connect mongodb but in live server i can set ip and port butu it can not connecting
Aleksei Terekhin
soooo, site is unreachable
Hi, is there a way to transform the results from find but still be able to see them in table view? I'm using find(...).map(x => {x.foo = x.foo.join(', '); return x;} ) so I can see that field (which is a list of numbers) in table view instead of seeing "[x elements]" but then each result becomes a cell
Here's pics of what I'm talking about https://imgur.com/a/ipttI
François Guillot
Hi, quick question : what format should I use to put a date when inserting a document through Robo3T. Date.now(), new Date(), new ISODate('string here'), nothing worked...
Sorry, I am a new, I want to ask if there any logs file will be keep by robot 3T automatically in my computer?
robomongo is more evolved, it is hovering
Could not find gem 'steemdata-rb' in
https://github.com/steem-third-party/cosgrove.git (at master@55cf5a1).
The source does not contain any versions of 'steemdata-rb'
i cant figure this out
anyone got a clue?
its a gefile issue but how and i supposed to place steemdata?
how am i supposed to placce steemdata in the gemfile?
Kaster Might
hi there. all links to 1.2 seem to be broken. is it still available? thanks
Lavanya Nagarajan
hi all. Anyone please help me export/import a collection to/from a JSON file in robomongo
@kastermight we are releasing this week (Monday or Tuesday)
Hi everyone! I am pretty new to mongo. I have a set of scripts that run perfectly on robomongo 0.9.0 but doesn't on robo3t (latest version). what could be the problem here?
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Hi everyone,
Just wondering if robo3t is still maintained or if it's dead? I filed an issue almost two weeks ago, no response yet. A quick look at the issue page also gives that no one who's filed an issue since May 22nd hasn't even gotten a reply ...
Hey trying to setup a new ubuntu machine and create a .desktop file for the launcher, where is the Robo3T icon located? Can't seem to find it
I found that, if you want to build robomongo-shell successfully, you must add options "--disable-warnings-as-errors"
Mike Carifio
@maxkremer installing with snap install robo3t-snap puts .desktop files in /snap/robo3t-snap/current/{meta,snap}/robo3t.desktop. I run the app itself with robo3t-snap
robo3t-snap --version
MongoDB shell version v4.0.5-18-g7e327a9017
git version: 7e327a90179e45a48401c62a68fcad91b39ef2a4
OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2o  27 Mar 2018
allocator: tcmalloc
modules: none
build environment:
    distarch: x86_64
    target_arch: x86_64
Hi everyone, I am trying to connect Robomogo 3t with AWS Server From Putty in my desktop.... unable to connect .. can you guys please help me to sort this ?
Use ssh to create a tunnel to your AWS server. Then connect to robomongo to the local port on ur tunnel
Yehuda Deutsch
Hi, the 1.3.1 version seems to have an issue with reconnecting (we upgraded after moving to Atlas), the issue is open since October, any chance this will be taken care of?
I'm referring to this issue: Studio3T/robomongo#1686
hey, how does Robo 3T updates on windows?

Does anyone know if I can do this from robo3T version,that I have is 1.3.1 -

`var fs = require('fs');

var dataFromFile = fs.readFileSync("./myfile.csv");


2 replies
Nikhil Kumar
Texts are unreadable in dark mode on macOS and I am not getting any way to change the theme color of Robo 3t isn't there any way around?
Tihs project seems to be dead.