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did i understand it right that you simply want to have the ETH out of it?
@roninkaizen In 2017 Parity wallet suggested me that i should move funds to new address due to security reasons and helped me with it with some wizard after wallet update.
@roninkaizen Yes, ofcourse i want my eth back :)
@roninkaizen I have always thought that private key is enough to restore funds but not this time :(
as you were the creator of the contract
and you kept the right to withdraw for contract subscribers (or creator)
and it is a multisig (not too sure but could be- maybe worth to think about that fact again)
you need to restore another account to be able to withdraw
lets move over to discord-
pmed you there :)
@roninkaizen ling https://discord.gg/PVEtj74G does not work for me. Is it the same with discord.io/openethereum
How to synchronize kovan nodes
how to get usdt kovan guys ?
hey, anyone got any idea how to connect kovan? I'm traying to deploy a contract using Truffle
Park Jeonghwan
goerli testnet struck in 4460643
any help
im using parity 2.7.2
only an update to OpenEthereum.3.2.0 or newer is possible for Goerli Testnet
we have upgraded to berlin in the meantime :)
Barkha Jasani
hey guys , https://github.com/openethereum/parity-ethereum shall I follow this to upgrade existing parity client on my nodes?
As bash <(curl https://get.parity.io -L) -r stable doesn't work anymore
is this README.md upto date?
Baptiste nz
Hello can someone help me, my node is stuck:
Starting OpenEthereum/v3.2.2-rc.1-stable-582bca385-20210331/x86_64-linux-gnu/rustc1.51.0
Syncing snapshot 1606/7025 LI:#2344488 26/50 peers 5 MiB chain 0 bytes queue RPC: 0 conn, 0 req/s, 0 µs
and it's repeating for like 1h
please update your node
to openethereum 3.2.4
and visit us within discord if you like
same to you,
the update to OpenEthereum can be done with downloading from the release-announce
serious notice:
any node running parity is NOT ANY FURTHER MainNet compatible
you will have to update to
OpenEthereum.3.2.3 or
OpenEthereum.3.2.4 instead-
feel free to contact me in discord, to assist/support your migration
please help to spread this information honestly and fast
for any further successful operations
anyone having still a parity-node
you should update now
otherwise your node will stop to work
as any parity or parity-ethereum node-runner read this-
i am ronin-kaizen
today is the day you need to update your node to OpenEthereum.3.2.3 or greater-
otherwise it stops to work
not joking!
there is a db-upgrade tool, which works fine,
it is needed to change the node-architecture, due to protocol-changes
fell invited to join the discord-channel mentioned above
Ayushya Chitransh
The DB upgrade tool didn't work for me :cry: Had an archive node which was unable to sync and now had corrupted DB.
Dylan Caponi
Snapshot initializing (6940 chunks restored) <- what's this about?
Philip Peinsold
Guys any hint what I can do when my parity just stops syncing at block #12244000 with message "Block import failed for #12244000. Bad block detected". Parity version 2.7.2-stable. Should I just set "--warp-barrier 12244000"?
Sorry, I read the past few posts. Update to openEthereum seems to be obligatory. Will try that first.
Philip Peinsold
Ok, I upgraded to openEthereum 3.2.4 and it stucks syncing snapshot 1627/7219 since 10 hours... what can I do?
@roninkaizen any suggestion?
no matter why
clean the db and restart
Hi, I am checking the pending block using ".eth.getBlock("pending")" in nodejs. When I compare it to the next block sometimes it is very similar sometimes there is a big difference (only 5 or 10% of commun transactions). How can I optimize parity to get the most accurate pending blocks ? I have also tried to increase : -gas-floor-target (I prefer to get more transactions than have missing transactions but it has no effect)
To precise my request : I realize that despite : --force-sealing and --reseal-on-txs all and --reseal-min-period 2000, the node only seal pending blocks once - that means that it doesn't take into account new transactions that arrives in between two blocks. Any idea ?
Tommaso Tosi
Hi guys, how can I move an ETH wallet from Parity to MetaMask?
Hey guys, running into this error while running parity v3.2.3
Stage 5 block verification failed for #24770900 (0xf7d0…1a6a) │
│ Error: Error(Block(InvalidStateRoot(Mismatch { expected: 0x80a7adf3c55446b075aa689a7ad2acae58a39eb0c20280c6a50a07ca3addc8ee, found: 0x23b734615004126115cd9eab510bce5aaee0d5498dc57a9598f8134fa20ebce7 })), State { next_error: None, backtrace: InternalB │
│ 2021-05-11 17:12:38 UTC │
│ Bad block detected: Error(Block(InvalidStateRoot(Mismatch { expected: 0x80a7adf3c55446b075aa689a7ad2acae58a39eb0c20280c6a50a07ca3addc8ee, found: 0x23b734615004126115cd9eab510bce5aaee0d5498dc57a9598f8134fa20ebce7 })), State { next_error: None, backtra │
(kovan testnet)
Aurijoy Majumdar
I was playing around Substrate and I was wondering whether it is possible to integrate a 3rd party consensus library which I have compiled to WASM (Web Assembly) as a Pallet in substrate. I know it is possible to integrate smart contracts already compiled to WASM binaries into substrate runtime. My question was whether it is possible to integrate a different consensus pallet already compiled to WASM and how such an integration would interface with the Node (substrate node) RPC methods. Thanks in advance.
Hi guys, I`m trying to retrive inner transactions data using Parity and Netherium client for .NET. But Parity call always returns null. Why is this happening? And, maybe someone knows, is it any ways to retrive input data for internal transactions? Thanks!!

Hello, Running with version Parity-Ethereum/v2.7.2-stable-2662d19-20200206/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/rustc1.41.0 :
and having trouble with failed block #24770900 :

Tried to kill db and resynch, it got some peers but unable to bypass bad blocks.

Any clues or tricks to by pass this block and repair the chain ?

May 31 15:50:02 parity[2551]: Bad block detected: Block(InvalidStateRoot(Mismatch { expected: 0x80a7adf3c55446b075aa689a7ad2acae58a39eb0c20280c6a50a07ca3addc8ee, found: 0x23b734615004126115cd9eab510bce5aaee0d5498dc57a9598f8134fa20ebce7 }))
May 31 17:32:35 parity[2551]: 2021-05-31 17:32:35 UTC Syncing #24770899 0x39f3…c4d0 0.00 blk/s 0.0 tx/s 0.0 Mgas/s 0+ 0 Qed #24771010 10/25 peers 3 MiB chain 55 MiB db 0 bytes queue 12 MiB sync RPC: 0 conn, 0 req/s, 0 µs

TX mentioned in logs : https://kovan.etherscan.io/tx/0x81dd80a7dd31f7e534ca635af7d5c088b4a19d2d9e53db87be7bc5c88cbb5898
Thank you!

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