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Repo info
    ppatiern ok thanks !
    ppatiern agalante: what do you mean to check the real size with chrome inspector ?
    ppatiern sorry but I'm not an expert on this kind of stuff :-)
    agalante ppatiern with let me make a screen shoot so you can see
    ppatiern agalante: what do you mean ?
    agalante you can set the size of the screen
    agalante if the projector is 16:9 you should it it up at 1920 x 1080 px
    agalante and you'll have the exact same view as you'll get during the presentation if you run the browser maximized
    agalante ppatiern does it make sense?
    agalante to get to that responsive screen, you need to click on this little icon on the inspector https://www.dropbox.com/s/3qz2looc8fqxhg3/Screen%20Shot%202017-04-03%20at%2011.32.43%20AM.png?dl=0
    ppatiern agalante: I see
    ppatiern you are such an expert ! :-)
    agalante lol, not really, I did happen to me once that I design something for a presentation but it didn;t look as expected because of the projector viewport size
    agalante learn the hard way
    ppatiern :-)
    ppatiern is there a documentation about all the "class" ?
    agalante yes and no
    agalante most of the sctructural classes comes from bootstrap
    agalante all those rows and cols
    agalante you'll find that here http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid
    agalante any class that is postfix with -pf is a bootstrap class
    agalante and it's not really documented
    agalante you'll find the snippets on patternfly website
    agalante but it wont tell you what they do
    agalante thats something we are improving for the nbext version
    ppatiern "any class that is postfix with -pf is a bootstrap class"
    ppatiern do you mean a patternfly class ?
    agalante patternfly is an extension of bootstrap
    agalante so for example:
    agalante class="navbar navbar-default navbar-pf"
    ppatiern yes but -pf mean specifc to patternfly
    ppatiern not in the base bootstrap
    agalante ups sorry
    agalante I meant: "any class that is postfix with -pf is a paternfly class"
    ppatiern :-)
    ppatiern ok just a typo ;)
    agalante yeap
    agalante but if you have questions about clases let me know, or just tell me what you'd like to change and I can work on it
    ppatiern ok thanks !
    Jason Frey
    I'm seeing some strangeness with spinners on the website and was hoping others could confirm
    basically, depending on the browser zoom, the spinner seems to get really wobbly
    also, there's quite a bit of artifacting in the gray part
    I can see both a lot easier if I use Apple display zoom
    If I zoom the browser, the wobble goes away, but if I'm at 100% it's wobbly
    Serena Chechile Nichols
    @Fryguy the PatternFly team is on slack, not gitter :(
    which spinners are you talking about
    Jason Frey
    Yeah I noticed and posted over there
    Serena Chechile Nichols
    oops :thumbsup: :D