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Repo info
New release on PyPI (0.1.4)!
Nathan Goldbaum
@jakirkham thanks for the mention :)
now I can update our doc builder to IPython 4.0...

Ok, so I ran into some issues in particular with iPython 4.x compatibility and iPython 2.x compatibility. I have worked very hard this weekend to track them down and resolve them systematically. I have expanded the test suite to cover more of the code to catch these errors more quickly in the future. I am sorry if this has caused anyone trouble.

After making these fixes I have made a new release to PyPI as v0.1.5. I have just tested pip installing it and testing it. Everything seems to check out.

If you do run into any issues, please ping me here or open an issue on GitHub. In particular, I would like to keep a close eye on iPython 4.x support so please be sure to let me know if you are running into issues on that platform, in particular.

great !
Any thoughts on dropping Python 3.3? Leaning towards doing this at this point. See this issue ( paulgb/runipy#122 ) for details. Is anybody still using Python 3.3? Are there Linux distros that still come with it?