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Repo info
    .on('add', function(file) { console.log('added: ' + file); })
    why this event fired always an beginning?
    Even this files are exists
    On windows 7 64 bit platform / Node.js 0.12 /4.x/5.x
    If file has been changed (i.e. saved in external editor) - `.on('change' event is fired
    Jonathan Lake
    Are there any good solutions for ignoring hidden files on windows? We are using {ignored: /[\/\\]\./} to ignore dot files on linux but I'm not quite sure what should be done for windows.
    Elan Shanker
    I’m not sure how you determine whether a windows file is hidden or not to begin with within node, but if you can do that you could set ignored to a function that returns true on hidden files (and any other files you wish to ignore)
    I'm trying to watch a server directory and fire off a trigger when uploading finishes. How would I go about with something like that?
    Ah, I see an interesting solution here: paulmillr/chokidar#215
    Arye Shalev
    hello, where is the chokidar documentation? i mean for all events and specific what each event receive, i could not find it, thanks!
    Arye Shalev
    for example the "addDir" event receive path and an object, the object has many proprties how am i suppose to know what each means? i could not find any documentation on this
    How to do only monitor a directory, subdirectories do not listen to it
    How to do only monitor a directory, subdirectories do not monitor it?
    Because I just need to determine whether the current directory of new documents, do not need to tube catalog, how do I operate
    @HadiChen Check out the option depth
    have some questions if my implementation of chokidar is correct for our use case.
    I'd like to monitor a folder (and sub folders recursively) only for certain file types.
    so with globs, I have
    chokidar.watch('C:\User\Documents\Template' + '/**/*.+(png|esp|jpeg|jpg|pdf)')
    Some questions
    1. This should automatically ignore all other file types correct? Or is it best practice to include a list of common ignored files as well?
    2. When looking at the watched paths via GetWatched() - is it common to also see the gllob match?
      I.e I have an entry with:
      C:\User\Documents\Template\**\*.+(png|eps|jpeg|jpg|pdf|): Array[0]
    Steffan Long

    @ashthespy I just heard of this module today, so don't take my advice as worth anything... but wouldn't it be better to do something like:

    chokidar.watch('C:\User\Documents\Template', {
      ignored: /^.*\.(?!png$|esp$|jpeg$|jpg$|pdf$)[^.]+$/,
      depth: 99

    This will ignore any files that don't end in the extensions you specified, and provide recursion up to 99 levels deep (but you could go deeper) from your initial directory.

    Chris Rutherford
    hey guys, I know you're working hard on this, but just curious when you're expecting chokidar to be working on windows again? or what version of it was last working? I'd happily roll back
    Travis LaDuke
    I must be tired. How can I use chokidar ( .on('change') ) as an input stream to like pumpify and through2
    Travis LaDuke
    This message was deleted
    Travis LaDuke
    function watcher (chokidar, event) {
      var next
      chokidar.on(event, function (path) {
        next(null, path)
      return miss.from.obj(function (size, next_) {
        next = next_
    Zakaria LAABID
    Hi is there someone .?
    Chris Rutherford
    @zackfalcon better to go ahead and ask, and others will chime in if they have an answer. What's the question?
    hello, I have a weird issue with chokidar cli
    after some time when chokidar watches files and runs some grunt tasks the alignment gets awry
    any idea why this is happening?
    is there a built in way to display error messages but not end the watch loop? so one doesn't have to start process again after a failure, watcher will keep rurunning on changes and displaying out the error messages
    Vab K
    Hey everyone, is it possible to have a watcher run only once
    rather than every time something changes?
    Is there any way to watch file and make it wait until for processing the file and then take next file and so