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Sep 2016
Martijn Gastkemper
Sep 02 2016 08:37
@bhille I think this StackOverflow question is a good starting point:
@maxcoyote Which version of socialfeed to you use. Because the latest version doesn't have an id property on that line:
Sep 02 2016 09:47
@maxcoyote :there are many errors on console
i took a look to you code again and i find out you use wrong instagram account
sorry i mean Twitter:
      // TWITTER
          accounts: ['@spacex'],                      //Array: Specify a list of accounts from which to pull tweets
          limit: 2,                                   //Integer: max number of tweets to load
          consumer_key: 'YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY',          //String: consumer key. make sure to have your app read-only
          consumer_secret: 'YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET_KEY',//String: consumer secret key. make sure to have your app read-only