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Sep 2016
Sep 23 2016 12:59
Sep 23 2016 13:05
@martijngastkemper i've changed the fix to a new line to avoid english localization:
  post.dt_create = moment(element.created_at, 'dd MMM DD HH:mm:ss ZZ YYYY');    
i've also implemented a new rendering engine and new fix on my fork, please feel free to take a look
Martijn Gastkemper
Sep 23 2016 13:11
I had Doubts about the locale too. I'll test the localisation this weekend.
I can't find your version with a new rendering engine. Can you point me to the right commit or branch.
is a completely rewritten js. Is a merge and personal tweak especially on RSS part because i need a strong RSS feed with images and text