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Oct 2016
Pavel Kucherbaev
Oct 04 2016 18:16
Hi @HartLarsson @martijngastkemper ,
I created a separate example repository social-feed-example, where the example itself is available online here:
Pavel Kucherbaev
Oct 04 2016 18:34
I also created a pull-request pavelk2/social-feed#214, where all the code related to the example is removed.
Please check it out and accept if you believe no issues are present.
When you accept the pull-request - it would be great to checkout issues raised by CodeClimate
Martijn Gastkemper
Oct 04 2016 18:47
Thanks! Tomorrow I will look into the pull request
Pavel Kucherbaev
Oct 04 2016 19:02
great. I added an extra commit - may be another pull request is needed. We'll see
Oct 04 2016 21:40
i've made a lot of changes in my forked version here. I've implemented a new rendering way suggested by another user plus have implemented a better RSS function to collect not only text but also images and text/html ideal for blogspot or wordpress feeds. Please take a look