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Oct 2016
Martijn Gastkemper
Oct 09 2016 08:48
Nice PR to make CodeClimate available for social-feed. I will look into it.
Testing would be a very nice think. I haven't got experience with Javascript testing, but I think it's very useful to make it available.
Tonight I will look into the CodeClimate PR and Travis.
Pavel Kucherbaev
Oct 09 2016 09:57
Thumbs up
Martijn Gastkemper
Oct 09 2016 19:41
I'm not sure splitting up in multiple files will reduce the complexity. I think we need to look at the code. eg. RSS uses "urls" where the other ones use "accounts". When we replace urls by accounts it removes some complexity from the code. This would cause a breaking change. So other options are prefered
I've created the branch reduce-complexity branch. The changes I've made (removed some nested if's) lowered the complexity by 2 points:
It's a very small amount, but as you can see the amount of nested statements do count.