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Oct 2016
Oct 10 2016 14:01
have you guys have considered to take alook to my forked verison with new rendering engine?
my version has a unique new renderign engine to order all feeds all together and not per social like the official one.
about splitting i think i snot a really good idea. First for pagespeed have less JS is better, so have one minimized is great. We need to consider to add minimized css and JS version to the project too
about travis, node.js and other framework. What i think is to keep Social-ffed completely indipendent. If we want to make the project light and without tons of dependencies is better to think about add other integration. Many people need a simple JS to link to the html page and have the features. Max compatibility, perloading effect, lazy load, better callback and new short/rendering engine is what i think we could work on for first.
Another thing is the security of tokens and IDs. Other social feed tools use php/asp/C# extra file to call where all tokens and sensible data are stored to avoid code sniffing and stealing. This is very important!
Pavel Kucherbaev
Oct 10 2016 18:29

Hi @HartLarsson,

Unfortunately It is not productive for us to dig into the external code, distinguish which parts are good to borrow, which are not and introduce improvements to Social-feed based on that code. If you believe there are great things to add to the original Social-feed branch, please prepare a Pull-request which we review and accept. Otherwise - there are simply too many things to worry about already in the existing code than focusing now on borrowing an advanced rendering system from that branch.

Yes, I agree, splitting is probably not the best idea. Minimizing is a definitely thing to do, still I would like first to polish a bit more the current version.

Travis is not a framework. Travis is an online service ( which allows to run tests every time new code is committed.

Regarding minimizing dependencies - I also stand for making Social-feed a 0-dependency plugin (no jQuery too).

An attempt to approach the security issue is made here: I started working on the server side, but never finished. The idea is to make a very simple back-end that any one can deploy in 1 click on Heroku (so no back-end experience is required). Social-feed-server does not intend to substitute Social-feed, it only aims to provide a proxy for calls to social-networks, so the sequrity issue is solved (+ a possible caching of posts is introduced to solve the limitation of maximum requests per hour).

Pavel Kucherbaev
Oct 10 2016 18:41

I believe that the way to simplify the code could be the following:
Object Feed includes objects instagram, twitter, facebook etc. I think instead we could create a class (function) Feed. We then instantiate this feed for each social-network, still many properties as they stay the same will not require to be redefined, such as :

posts: [],
loaded: false,

Even methods I believe could be significantly simplified. I will try to work on it if you believe it is a good idea.

@HartLarsson I see that you introduced a pull-request a while ago:
and it was closed. Could you check out if it is valid or not?