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Oct 2016
Martijn Gastkemper
Oct 12 2016 06:47 UTC
@pavelk2 That's a good plan!
Oct 12 2016 14:01 UTC
@pavelk2 well the pavelk2/social-feed#171 was never closed so i implemented my social-feed-render.js version with all fixes. s why i told you Pavel to "please take a look". Is way better the renderign engine because all social feeds are rendered all shorted together instead social by social. I've also already fixed and implemented a new RSS feed procedure to grab not only text but blog feeds contents with pictures too.
Oct 12 2016 14:09 UTC
for your convenience i've created a pull request to see what parts are changed in my version pavelk2/social-feed#219
@pavelk2 i think that is a good idea Pavel!