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Nov 2016
Akara Sucharitakul
Nov 19 2016 01:46
@anilgursel for the Try clause above, the semantics are a little different. In your case, all exceptions are converted into None. In the original code, only ConfigException.Missing is converted to None. I think we do. If some code down there throws an NPE, I'd rather have it not hide such exceptions.
Don't worry about the Codacy complaint. We all can think a bit deeper than a static analyzer :smile: I just have to go and say OK to this case.
Re: JMX beans for security configuration, I agree it should be a different issue and a different PR.
Akara Sucharitakul
Nov 19 2016 01:51
Sorry just got another 15 minutes to look at code. Will get it in as to not block progress.
Anil Gursel
Nov 19 2016 05:55
@akara Thanks for reviewing paypal/squbs#335. I am good to get it merged.