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May 2015
Luke Bond
May 06 2015 20:33
@jacyzon you there?
Luke Bond
May 06 2015 21:51
@jacyzon nvm see paz-sh/paz-web#26
Gitter perhaps not the best tool when we've in opposite time zones :)
Luke Bond
May 06 2015 23:36

if anyone is getting issues like the following with running tests that use etcd:

Recreating pazorchestrator_etcd_1...
Cannot start container eac357313f86b857c328a75919b49f83f468103a64c3e8f70e9e006b5ba2e173: [8] System error: exec: "/bin/echo": stat /bin/echo: no such file or directory is due to this: docker/compose#1349
hallelujah, i've been suffering this for months!!

in the meantime the workaround is to stop and remove the dead etcd container, and perhaps any running ones, and try again