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May 2015
Luke Bond
May 11 2015 12:30
@jacyzon you there?
Jason Chen YiZhang
May 11 2015 13:44
Luke Bond
May 11 2015 23:21
@jacyzon YLD are doing a Paz hackathon in Lisbon.
  1. if you want to be involved remotely we'll make sure you're included, you're an important contributor.
  2. we should ensure that your work doesn't clash with others, because this weekend it will no longer be just you and me, we need to have a clear system of who's doing what
Luke Bond
May 11 2015 23:26
...expect a bunch of tasks to be added in the coming days before the hackathon. i will use some sort of (hopefully obvious) labelling system but let's keep in touch more than usual re tasks.