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18 Rooms 22 People
  • activerecord-transactionable

    Properly Implement ActiveRecord Transactions
    3 People
  • flag_shih_tzu

    Bit fields for ActiveRecord
    2 People
  • react-rails-benchmark_renderer

    Concern::Instrumentation Plugin for React::Rails Render Benchmarking with a reference implementation
    2 People
  • capistrano_mailer

    Capistrano Deployment Email Notification
    1 People
  • celluloid-io-pg-listener

    LISTEN for NOTIFY events from PostgreSQL and Asynchronously Do Something with the payload
    1 People
  • controller_validator

    Simple Validations in the Controller
    1 People
  • csv_pirate

    100 Pirates agree that creating CSVs is boring. Pirates prefer to be lazy. Pirates use CsvPirate.
    1 People
  • debug_logging

    1 People
  • dry_views

    Keep the views dry with content_for_with_default and friends!
    1 People
  • each_in_batches

    Makes it easy to execute really large computations on each row of really large data sets
    1 People
  • gem_bench

    trim down app load times by keeping your worst players on the bench
    1 People
  • letter_group

    Presenter Classes for Arrays of Hashes that can be Grouped by Letter
    1 People
  • rack-toolbar

    Provides an easy way to create Rack Middleware that injects things into the response body
    1 People
  • rails_env_local

    "development" is not always the best name for the local environment
    1 People
  • rspec-pending_for

    Mark specs pending or skipped for specific Ruby engine (e.g. MRI or JRuby) / version combinations
    1 People