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Repo info
    Dipen Patel
    Hi , Anyone found open-source for ecommerce app?
    Mohammad Fatemi
    anyone here ?
    Hi. Just a quick message. A new tool for web development, including Android app development, is open for free to beta testers.
    It helps you debug Android apps in the wild. In a Talkback enabled hybrid app, you can send back messages that can be monitored by you from within the comfort of jResponse Builder – the jResponse IDE.
    Give it a try and post back your experience, thx.
    Devashish Datt Mamgain

    Hey Folks, We are a startup https://www.applozic.com and have open sourced our MQTT based chat SDK for android developers, using Applozic developers doesn't need to host any server, just the gradle dependency and few lines of code is enough to get you started with chat and messaging capabilities within your platform including one to one, group chat, online/offline, typing indicator, file attachment, audio/video message, user block/unblock and a lot more.

    Would love to get your feedback specially on how to reduce the integration time to 5-10 mins. Currently it takes 30-60 mins.

    Website: https://www.applozic.com
    Integration documentation: https://www.applozic.com/developers.html­
    Github sample code: https://github.com/AppLozic/Applozic-Android-SDK

    any chat apps that talks with ios ?
    Chashmeet Singh
    Guys, please help me beta test my app. It's a TV show tracking app. For Android only currently.
    Ranvir Gorai
    Hashin Jithu
    Hi there!
    Hossam Hassan
    Hi @chashmeetsingh
    You may need to use a bug reporting tool like instabug.com , It makes it easier for beta testers to report bugs or send feedback instantly from within your app
    Why isn't the apps I added to the list live?
    Sherif Salem
    Helloooo there
    Hey can
    Muhammad Salman
    EL_ Zubayr
    Hi my fellow programmers i am a final year student of computer science am developing a real time census andriod app. But am having a challenge of how am going to tackle duplicating. I need ur views pls thanks. You can reach me on suleimanshehu2010@gmail.com


    I'm having several wifi connections on my PC. ex: con1, con2 with different bandwidth. I can be and will be connecting to only 1 wifi from my laptop at a time. However i want to be notified when any of the wifi connection goes down or any of the wifi connection bandwidth becomes lesser than expected.

    Con1 - Down, Con2 - Available, Con3 - Available, Con4-Down
    Con1- Bandwidth0 - Con2- Bandwidth reduced by 20% or 20Mbps actual is 100Mbps

    Please let me know how can i achieve the above

    Hi I'm new over here and I would like to make some friendships if you don't mind, I'm doing my final project as CS student.
    Hi, Is there any automated tool for download & build?
    Rustem Saitkulov
    @securekim what kind of automation are you asking? Could you provide an example and expectations?
    Aaaa am sorry
    But I need your help want to learn