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Jan 2018
Jan 03 2018 04:00
ty for sharing links
Jan 03 2018 04:27
no worries
Bhavesh Patel
Jan 03 2018 08:59
Any one is worked on integration of bitgo ?
I have couple of questions
Jan 03 2018 11:01
whats your question?
My question is Once user signup in portal. I want to create wallet for that in bitgo also. How i will do this ?
which is best forked repo of peatio ?
The original fork is the best.
Jan 03 2018 14:49
Sort of related topic: can anyone recommend a good open source algorithmic trading bot for multiple exchanges? Needs to connect to multiple exchanges with multiple currencies and easy to program with rules........? Doubled my money on my first trade within 24 hours now I'm hooked.
Jan 03 2018 17:00
see my repo folder M
needs some fixing in c++ which we can do for you if needed
Jan 03 2018 22:40
Cheers dude