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Feb 2018
Feb 15 2018 11:01

Hello all,
Am running bitgod with bitgo-BTC wallet over testnet.
Deposits are working fine and notified back properly, however withdrawals stuck at "Almost Done" status.
Does address in currencies.yml has any thing to do with it?

Can someone please suggest, what could be the reason.

Feb 15 2018 12:31
you have some bug in your implementation also you should not use bitgo on an exchange
you are leaving the keys to your customers money outside your control and that will in most country`s land you in jail...
Feb 15 2018 13:37

@scatterp : I see. Thanks for the info.
Let me run without a Bitgo, I used it to implement multi-sig wallet and followed this:
Any other way to implement multi-sig wallet?

Can you please also suggest settings that I might have to look at to solve "Almost Done" issue at withdrawal and what's the relevance of address in currencies.yml

Thanks again for the reply.