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    Árni Dagur
    How do the goals of Pebble OS compare to the goals of Redox OS?
    Isaac Woods
    Hi; they're both similar in the kernel being written in Rust and safety and correctness being a primary goal. They're also both microkernels. However, I have no interest in Pebble being POSIX-compatible / a UNIX clone
    Instead, Pebble has its own set of concepts such as kernel objects and kernel-facilitated message passing
    I think this is a more sustainable and better approach in the long term - realistically, Redox is never going to compete with Linux in its current state
    Instead, Pebble aims to be more of a proof-of-concept design to show how an OS can be designed around more modern principals, without being encumbered by the legacy of POSIX
    Hope that helps - feel free to ask any follow-up questions and I'll get to them when I can