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Repo info
    Ian Axelrod
    Sent. Thanks again!
    Sen Han
    Hi Guys, we are a bit new to the pelias service. We deployed the pelias services to kubernetes cluster. But seems the index are not being automatically created and data are not being ingested.
    Is there any job or command I should run in order to get it working properly in kubernetes?
    Hi guys, thanks for the work
    there is any script what you have or way for keep updating the docker with all databases (openstreetmap,etc)
    Juan Dantur

    Hi. I'm deploying a pelias Docker build on a server. The thing is that ElasticSearch is running on another server. I modified pelias.json to include the correct URL in esclient.hosts and created the pelias index on that server successfully using pelias elastic create. Yet when I run pelias import all I get the following error. Note that the index still exists when I hit {elasticsearch_url}/_cat/indices

    ERROR: Elasticsearch index pelias does not exist
    You must use the pelias-schema tool (https://github.com/pelias/schema/) to create the index first
    For full instructions on setting up Pelias, see http://pelias.io/install.html
            throw new Error(`elasticsearch index ${config.schema.indexName} does not exist`);
    Error: elasticsearch index pelias does not exist
        at existsCallback (/code/pelias/whosonfirst/node_modules/pelias-dbclient/src/configValidation.js:39:15)
        at respond (/code/pelias/whosonfirst/node_modules/elasticsearch/src/lib/transport.js:368:9)
        at /code/pelias/whosonfirst/node_modules/elasticsearch/src/lib/transport.js:396:7
        at Timeout.<anonymous> (/code/pelias/whosonfirst/node_modules/elasticsearch/src/lib/transport.js:429:7)
        at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:531:17)
        at processTimers (internal/timers.js:475:7)

    Any reason why this could be happening? Maybe I'm missing an important step? Thanks a lot :)

    Hi, i was wondering why this query "coffee shops in london" won't return coffee shops in london.
    Brad Hards
    @cyfugr Where are you querying, what data do you have loaded, what are you expecting (number of records), and what do you get instead?
    repost: Is there any option/feature/API in Pelias which will search bulk places? Such as I am finding for 10-20 places in JSON format. I want to get every first search result of each place keywords. Such as I have a json like this "places": ["New York", "San Francisco", "Dallas", "Detroit", "Chikago", "Washington", "White House"]. Which will return all the first search result without calling API multiple times.
    Anyone know if it's possible to disable libpostal logging? I tried adding the following to my entrypoint:
    -gracehttp.log false but i'm getting flag provided but not defined: -gracehttp.log
    wof-libpostal-server github says that ☝️
    Oliver S
    Hi folks, I am currently setting up Pelias for the whole planet and noticed some poor coverage at some countries in the world like China, India or Africa. Source: https://pelias.github.io/scripts-geocoding-coverage
    Do you have any suggestions on how I can get results or at least some normalized data to get some data for those cases.
    I am trying to map existing address data (street, city, country, coordinates more or less existing) and came across that.
    I thought about something like a parsed libpostal + normalized data response.
    My goal is to check equality of existing address data.
    Julian Simioni

    @oli1605 unfortunately we haven't updated that page in a couple years. its on our todo list since some details about data coverage could be great to share.

    the good news is open data is growing rapidly, and a lot of people are working hard to help it grow, seeking out new data all the time. but you are definitely right there are some areas like China where there is a real lack. if you find anything, we all want to know :)

    Ringo Leese
    Hi, I'm setting up pelias on my own server and I want to access the API via nginx.
    I want to access it by typing https://someserver.com/pelias/v1/search?text=New York. is this possible?
    If I got to https://someserver.com/pelias, the server always redirects me to https://someserver.com/v1
    Martin Minnoni
    hey folks! I wonder what should I change to get more than 10 results from a query in pelias? I have 23 records imported into elastic for a particular address but I am only getting 10 results....
    Martin Minnoni
    hey I solved it adding size at the end of the query...
    one more question..when doing a query on pelias and I use 2 hyphens instead of 1 hyphen I get the exact match...I think this might be a matter of the tokenizer in pelias and ES....how can I modified that in the docker for pelias?
    Hello, I have run all planet build of Pelias in Docker container. I have run this script: https://github.com/pelias/docker#quickstart-build-script only replacing "cd projects/portland-metro" by "cd projects/planet". After build completed everything works properly and elastic index is there. But after approximately 3 days, elastic search index is removed, I dont know what is happening I have only remained Pelias running in background. I mean it just suddenly replace content of docker/projects/planet/data/elasticsearch directory with a new indices and indices created by Pelias Docker script are not there. Is this standard behavior and I must do something else to retain indices created by Pelias Docker script? Or am I doing something wrong?
    Thank you, but it is not a "Meow" attack
    Sunitha Selvan
    Hi. I am trying to do the docker build for pelias with elasticsearch v7.10. However it throws an error "Invalid apiVersion "7.10", expected a function or one of _default, 7.6, 7.5, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.8, 5.6, 7.7, 7.x". Is there no support for es version>7.7 ?
    Julian Simioni
    hi @isunitha98selvan you should be fine if you keep the Elasticsearch version in pelias.json unchanged from whatever we currently have it set to. The changes between minor versions of Elasticsearch are, well...minor :)
    Sunitha Selvan
    @orangejulius I was looking to integrate it with an existing Elasticsearch instance(v7.7.1) that we have in production, will that be possible?
    I am experiencing the same issue as @rwrx with smaller regions (not the full planet). I followed the steps described in https://medium.com/@mohammedayub44/yet-another-awesome-geo-coder-open-sourced-spatial-search-c295970a8226 and I get it up and running. However, after a few days the elasticsearch index is removed and I have to import everything again. Any clues of what I may be missing?
    Anis Oudjehih
    Hello, I would like to know what is the tags-filter used to generate the osmium.extract.geojsonl.gz file used in openstreetmap import (spatial). Can someone provide us the command line plz? @missinglink
    We're setting up our environment to use api.geocode.earth. Are the IPs returned for that FQDN static?
    @albertors90 I still did not solved this problem with elasticsearch index being removed. Do you solved it?
    Julian Simioni
    @rwrx @albertors90 indices disappearing suddenly is very concerning. I can't think of anything that would cause it, but Elasticsearch can definitely do weird things. The Elasticsearch logs are confusing and verbose, but there might be something in there that gives hints as to what happened
    Rowan Winsemius
    Hey Pelias Team, I was wondering if there was any interest in kicking off the work on getting Pelias to support better units
    pelias/pelias#861 ?
    There appears to be a bunch of PRs that are reasonably close but have never been merged for various reasons. If there is anything I can contribute let me know :)
    hello I have one doubt, our company already configured OSM with overpass API, but now I want to do reverse geocoding on that OSM database so can I use peliase with existing OSM DB?
    Brad Hards
    @akshay-skills19 You need the pelias ES approach. You won't (without a significant amount of code) be able use overpass.
    @rwrx Still stuck with it, and can't find any useful information on ES logs
    Ondřej Machulda
    Hi there! We have set up pelias.json imports to use data from OSM, OA, WOF for our country (Czech republic). We run prepare & import and start the containers, and everything seems OK. But when we run the same search request for an eg. street name using Pelias Compare Tool against official api.geocode.earth vs. our service, we are getting slightly different results (our service return less and also worse results - on the same request). It seems it returns less polylines points than official API. Any idea what could be causing this?
    Anybody have an idea why when using the reverse api its only returning 1 result instead of multiple
    5 replies
    Enrico Hofmann
    hi together, does pelias also give me the "district" name inside a city ?
    Enrico Hofmann
    And how can I get the ZIP code
    Sergiusz Kierat
    Hi. I've created PR pelias/docker#232 for Poland and it waits for your review
    Or is there any way I can stop deferring to pelias parser?
    And I also wonder why "QwERRR, Ahmedabad" would fail?
    Same happens with 'Unjejkdkoojjaj, Jakarta'. So, anything not valid before city name fails. This has to fallback on city name match.
    Hello everyone! Really struggling getting this working on a windows machine; Has anyone managed this that can run through it with me? I've read and tried the comments here but haven't succeeded yet - pelias/docker#124
    Benoît Bouré

    Hi all,
    What would be the minimum recommended setup for a full planet build for low/moderate traffic?
    I am currently running:

    • 1 m5.xlarge for services on Docker (API, placeholder, pip. I am not using libpostal)
    • 2 t3.large for ES

    I guess I could reduce the services instance to a m5.large. Memory might be a bit tight but it should work
    Also, what would you recommend regarding ES. Better have 2 medium instances OR 1 bigger instance (if we sacrifice redundancy) and what type? I was thinking to change for t3 for m5 or r5. What is best?

    Right now with 2 t3.medium ,performance is not always good (sometimes it takes several seconds for a response), and I have zero traffic (still testing).


    Benoît Bouré
    The goal is obviously to reduce cost. We are on a tight budget.
    Julian Simioni
    hi @bboure, in our experience you want as few ES instances as possible. one that's twice as big is better than two
    and the main bottleneck is CPU. so you want to prefer the c5, m5, and then r5 instances in that order
    Benoît Bouré
    Thanks @orangejulius !! Will do that.
    What would you recommend for the services instance?