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Repo info
    Iblis Lin
    What does libgeom provide? (#14)
    Nick Harasym
    hey is it possible to use static networking using configdrive?
    Pellaeon Lin
    @icebox3d We don't know if bsd-cloudinit can get data from configdrive, we don't test it
    @icebox3d We have a static networking plugin, but not enabled
    Pellaeon Lin
    In bsd-cloudinit/cloudbaseinit/plugins/common/factory.py
    you can add 'cloudbaseinit.plugins.freebsd.networkconfig.NetworkConfigPlugin' to defaultsafter line 27 to enable it
    It doesn't necessarily have to be line 27, it'll be enabled if you add it to default
    The sequence means the order to be executed
    Nick Harasym
    @pellaeon Ok thank you I'll give this a shot
    However is there a possibility that configdrive could work?
    Pellaeon Lin
    @icebox3d yes, AFAIK upstream cloudbase-init supports it
    pellaeon/bsd-cloudinit#26 - is this not merged because it assumes it's a shell script, or is there something more sinister at play here?
    Daniel Jay Haskin
    Hey i'm using cloud-init to run commands across a reboot like the below, will this work?
      - echo 'hi' | tee -a /tmp/a-file
      - reboot
      - echo 'hey' | tee -a /tmp/a-file