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Jan 2017
Dragoș Tiselice
Jan 23 2017 19:27
I agree with a more functional API. I have another API in minf that I'm working on which will work like this: Rule) -> TokenStream. This stream will then be used to create an AST or whatever and will be built on Rust futures. That's the plan for 1.0. I'm trying to have an working implementation until the launch of Rust 1.15. I'll take a look over your repo in a bit.
Your implementation looks really neat. The transition to 1.0 shouldn't be a huge issue. I'll try to help as much as possible when it's out.
Alexey Zakhlestin
Jan 23 2017 21:56
Thanks. I’m just starting learning Rust, so I try to stay extremely simple. Some more complex paths already tried to bite me :) Will try to get deeper next weekend
Dragoș Tiselice
Jan 23 2017 22:53
Awesome. Great resources are #rust-beginners or #rust on Mozzila's IRC. You can also ask here if you want. :smile: