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May 2018
Steve Loveless
May 30 2018 23:09
i’ve got what’s maybe an edge use case here… I have two crates: one library with the parser, and one that will use that library. I’m wanting to use a in the latter to generate my grammar (given some options) for the former. So far I’ve got that, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how get derive(Parser) for, say MyParser struct. I’m not sure yet if I’m asking a pest question or a rust question here, but is this possible? I noticed there’s a new pest_meta—should I look there perhaps? TIA
May 30 2018 23:28
@turboladen Yep, that works fine! You can use to write into, for instance, src/grammar.pest and then use #[derive(Parser)].
Steve Loveless
May 30 2018 23:29
ok. i must have something with my paths messed up or something. thanks for the confirmation!