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Mar 2015
Akim Boyko
Mar 10 2015 07:13
Hi everyone,
Just curious. Lesson #6 TailActor has_ base.PostStop() call at PostStop(), however PreStart() _did not call base.PreStart(). Version Akka.Net 0.8.0 has empty implementations for both base methods at ActorBase. Is this done on purpose, or just typo?
Aaron Stannard
Mar 10 2015 07:14
@akimboyko just a typo I think
sometimes I forget which ones of the actor lifecycle methods have empty implementations - PreRestart is the only one that actually has real stuff defined in the ActorBase class
Akim Boyko
Mar 10 2015 11:03
@Aaronontheweb thanks :)
Andrew Skotzko
Mar 10 2015 19:06