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Apr 2015
Apr 16 2015 06:31
@horsdal @Horusiath The life cycle diagram misled me as well, so in lesson 1.6 I added clean up to PreRestart and PostStop. Thanks for clarifying.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Apr 16 2015 06:42
@dbuduev if you write something like if(res != null) { res.Dispose(); res = null; } (which is quite popular), then it doesn't matter if you add it only to PostStop or to both of them.
Apr 16 2015 06:57
@Horusiath Thanks. Yes, it is clear. My point was that lesson 1.6 raises a question re clean up in PreRestart.
Bart de Boer
Apr 16 2015 21:44
I just finished lesson 3.4, and was playing around abit with .Wait vs await.
Read all the warnings, decided to go ahead :)
So in the githubcommanderactor, I tried to make the Ask<Routees> awaited:
Suspend is obviously the right behavior, but tried the other as well. With .Wait() all is fine, but this way, it's not. Weird? Bug?
Bart de Boer
Apr 16 2015 21:49
So it deadlocks on await
Aaron Stannard
Apr 16 2015 21:51
@boekabart yeah there's a bug with that in Akka.NET 1.0
we're releaseing v1.0.1 next week - has a fix in it
Bart de Boer
Apr 16 2015 21:56
Ah, good to know that it IS supported! Thanks!