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Apr 2015
David Hoerster
Apr 22 2015 14:50
Is there any guidance on when to use an UntypedActor vs. a ReceiveActor? It seems to be more of a style choice than a behavior choice.
Roger Johansson
Apr 22 2015 15:02
ReceiveActor is the default approach for C#, UntypedActor is a heritage from the JVM (also all others inherit that one)
when C# get true pattern matching, then I guess we will get better use for the UntypedActor
David Hoerster
Apr 22 2015 16:28
Hopefully pattern matching comes sooner rather than later. Thank you for the response! I'm lovin'!
Bart de Boer
Apr 22 2015 21:35
Idea for the bootcamp: (unit)testing programs built with . For example, Rx.Net has the TestScheduler that lets you deal perfectly with 'time consuming' and asynchronity in unit tests, how is that for akka, since every 'command' (.Tell(..)) is asynchronous without awaitability etc.