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Apr 2015
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Apr 23 2015 06:09
@boekabart when you're using Akka.TestKit, you have a set of methods/classes (such as ExpectMsg<>, TestProbe and EventListener) that allows you to set a barriers for incoming messages. All long running tasks are usually done through akka schedulers - as I remember @HCanber has somehow addressed a problem of virtual time in latest version of schedulers API merged some time before Akka 1.0
Bart de Boer
Apr 23 2015 07:31
Would be an extremely useful addition to bootcamp (lesson 4?), then - kind of essential to get some (guided) hands on with that before taking akka to production ;)
Who does know these people?
I recognize Roland Kuhn...
java architect, whats his name again?
sorry little offtopic, thought there might be guys here that will know it
Andrew Skotzko
Apr 23 2015 17:13
@boekabart good suggestion, thanks!
Aaron Stannard
Apr 23 2015 17:55
@GerjanOnline not off topic at all! We were really pleased to see Akka win the award
it's very well deserved