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Apr 2015
Apr 24 2015 07:37
@Aaronontheweb Ah okay :) Now on topic for real: in Unit 2 the chart does crash sometimes
anyone else is experiencing this?
I get null pointers on:
            var series = _seriesIndex[metric.Series];
            series.Points.AddXY(xPosCounter++, metric.CounterValue);
Points is null sometimes, im not able to reproduce it with some basic steps
this is in: ChartingActor.cs
Thomas Lazar
Apr 24 2015 10:46
ha! it`s working.
and hi
Thomas Lazar
Apr 24 2015 12:02
so. i just subscribed to the bootcamp. do new lessons get send during the weekend too?
Aaron Stannard
Apr 24 2015 16:03
@GerjanOnline I haven't seen that one personally - could you post the full stacktrace? which one of those objects is "null" when the exception occurs?
@thomaslazar hi Thomas! the lessons get emailed every day, including the weekends - let us know if you run into any issues!
@/all did an interview with Scott Hanselman about Akka.NET this week - just went live today:
Thomas Lazar
Apr 24 2015 17:55
Aaronontheweb: listened to that podcast this morning. was the reason i looked around again for stuff about
i just wish there the bootcamp lessons would not be throttled to one per day :P
Nelson Jimenez
Apr 24 2015 18:02
@thomaslazar you can go to the github repository and jump ahead on the lessons
Thomas Lazar
Apr 24 2015 18:04
hmm… i guess i could…
thanks ;)
i checked out the repo already… but i didn't even think about poking around in there for more information
Aaron Stannard
Apr 24 2015 18:42
@thomaslazar it's like Netflix - you can binge on them if you want :p
just have to click through one the links on the index and the bottom of the lessons
Thomas Lazar
Apr 24 2015 18:46
yeah. but i don't know if it's that good… i definitely watched too much daredevil at once ;)
will work my way through the course on monday.
Apr 24 2015 22:19
Good day! After signing up I received an "Intro to Unit 1" email with a link to ( ) . The subsequent "Lesson 1.1: Actors and the ActorSystem" email contains references to subfolders that are not found in the Actually, the archive contains the contents of folder (i.e no sign of readmes or Completed lessons folders). I don't know whether stripped-down archive was intentional or just an oversight - I'll just stick to GitHub readme-s from now on.