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Apr 2015
Thomas Tomanek
Apr 30 2015 15:59
hey. I'm just playing around with the TestKit and am struggling a bit with Actors that use a DIExt to resolve child actors. Is there a TestDIExt somewhere or do I need to write something like that?
Arjen Smits
Apr 30 2015 16:23
@sadprofessor What is the problem your getting ?
Aaron Stannard
Apr 30 2015 16:29
@sadprofessor I don't think we have one - you can ping @jcwrequests (he wrote it) in the main Akka.NET chat room though
Apr 30 2015 16:34
@sadprofessor No there currently is not a TestDIExt . If you want and write one that would be great.
Andrew Skotzko
Apr 30 2015 17:26
@sadprofessor let’s move that over to the main Akka.NET chat room please