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May 2015
Thomas Lazar
May 07 2015 08:40
another question about DI. the DI Core documentation (the Dependency Injection docs show it to i just noticed) shows that when you need to create an top actor from the system you need to use a resolver to create the Props and pass them to system. like this system.ActorOf(resolver.Create<TypedWorker>(), "Worker1"). But from within an actor you use myWorker = Context.DI().ActorOf<TypedWorker>("childWorker") to get the ActorRef… why isn`t there something similar on the system level?
it will be annoying to haul that resolver around or create it whenever i need the to get access to top level actors
Alexander Lapikov
May 07 2015 11:16

Guys, quick question reg. Unit 2-1: does Akka.Net allow to specify XML configuration in XML-like format instead of HOCON? Smth like

     <!-- some actor-specific configuration -->

Or HOCON is the only way to inject Akka configuration into config-file using /configuration/akka/hocon section?

Roger Johansson
May 07 2015 11:23
Hocon is currently the only way to configure Akka.NET
Aaron Stannard
May 07 2015 15:46
@thomaslazar you should create an issue for that on the Akka.NET github - they're in the middle of tweaking the DI stuff now
Thomas Lazar
May 07 2015 17:12
@aaronontheweb ok will do that.