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May 2015
May 10 2015 09:12
Hi, I have just started boot camp Unit 1 and I am on lesson 2.One of the things which I am not clear in the sample is that why we send all the error messages back to the console reader actor and not directly to console writer directly. i.e. why use Self.Tell(new Messages.ValidationError("Invalid: input had odd number of characters.")); instead of directly writing it to cosole writer actor.Any specific reason ?
Stephen Collins
May 10 2015 12:12
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm curious if anyone can give me some input on whether or not Akka.NET sounds appropriate for my use case: I have a number of small processes that are manually installed and automatically run on 1000s of client-owned machines all around the US. All they do is pull data from a few sources and push it up to a central server. After hearing about Akka.NET, it sounds like a good fit to help with many of our current problems such as process resiliency and handling transient connectivity. Am I on the right track?