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Jun 2015
Nikhil Krishna
Jun 06 2015 13:53
Ah I see you have addressed this with a flowchart in Lesson 2.4. Small suggestion - it would be good to have a similar chart in Lesson 2.3 as well at the beginning so we can see what we are going to build :)
Aaron Stannard
Jun 06 2015 18:37
@nikhilkrishna thanks Nikhil - it might be a good idea for us to do that. I'll go over those lessons again and see if that makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion!
@nicolaserny sorry for not replying sooner! In that scenario, if the parent process dies the remote process will automatically kill the remote-deployed child actor
Akka.Remote tracks which remote actors are watched / deployed across network boundaries, and in the event that it loses connectivity to one process all remote-deployed actors and remote-watched actors belonging to the lost process will be automatically killed and marked as terminated
so clean-up happens automatically
and we actually use that property of Akka.Remote in our advanced remoting training to clean up network resources
Aaron Stannard
Jun 06 2015 18:58
@nicolaserny this will explain how that process works in more detail also, one of our internals videos