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Jun 2015
Ivan R. Perez
Jun 11 2015 00:35
@haighis Yep, I've been wrapping my head around this one too. I was going the persistent actor route as well, but you can't do it with sql server in my case because the external resource is the database. So it would have to be some other store. We use couchbase as a cache server, and so I was thinking of use that some how. But if that were the case I'd have to build that out as they don't have a persistent store for couchbase yet. So for now I've decided to store up to a certain time limit (I'll change the time limit to a bounded limit once it's implemented) and then I'm just going to fail the actor. That will free up the memory, but will reset everything and we'll just keep reloading messages over again.
Maciek Misztal
Jun 11 2015 11:28
Another question that came to my mind - since we're creating named instances of ActorSystems - can we configure multiple actor systems using a single configuration file?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 11 2015 11:30
configuration file doesn't mention actor system's name anywhere afaik
Aaron Stannard
Jun 11 2015 20:23
correct, we actually have a bunch of samples that load multiple actorsystems from the same app.config