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Jul 2015
Aaron Stannard
Jul 06 2015 17:21
@njimenez that looks amazing Nelson!
I would have tried to do that myself, but wanted to stick with WinForms for X-PLAT
nice job!
Aaron Stannard
Jul 06 2015 17:33
@njimenez if you can dress that repository up with a nice readme I'd be happy to add a link to it from Unit 3
because I bet there's a lot of other folks going through bootcamp who'd like to know how to do that
would you be interested in that?
Thomas Lazar
Jul 06 2015 18:34
please do that @njimenez. i will have to do a wpf project later on and would like to not have to come up with all the stuff myself ;)
Nelson Jimenez
Jul 06 2015 20:03
@Aaronontheweb sure thing; I'll do it as soon as I can